Ronnie's exhibition is at the Castle Fine Art Gallery, London
22 May 2013

Ronnie Wood’s newest collection of fine art, Ronnie Wood: Raw Instinct – a collection of limited edition pieces created and signed by Ronnie, is now on display at London’s Castle Fine Art Gallery, on Bruton Street. Ronnie Wood: Raw Instinct consists of 100 pieces of original art including never-before-seen pieces. The collection features instantly recognisable portraits of Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts and Keith Richards, alongside a striking self -portrait.

Though best-known as the Stones’ lead guitarist, Wood received formal art training at Ealing College of Art and has continued to paint and draw for over 35 years, ranging from self-portraits, other musicians and family and close friends, together with stunning landscapes and animal studies.

The limited edition works of art are a celebration of Woods’ two successful creative worlds, brilliantly bringing to life the raw energy and passion of one of Britain’s best bands.

For Wood, music and art have always gone hand-in-hand and the intensity he brings to the guitar, without doubt, translates onto canvas with rhythmic lines and vibrant colour, giving art and rock lovers alike a thrilling front row view of the Stones on stage with some amazingly accurate facial expressions.

Wood’s work encompasses a broad range of subject matter and method. In Ronnie Wood: Raw Instinct, as well as paying tribute to his band mates in oil pieces such as ‘Beggars Banquet’, which is one of Wood’s favourite pieces in the collection, he also captures some of his music heroes in simple sketches, as well as painting idyllic landscapes  and captivating animals.

Wood constantly looks to drawn inspiration from some of the ‘notorious greats’ within the industry. He comments: “Egon Schiele is my latest influence; I love him as well as Caravaggio and Leonardo. It’s a fantastic buzz I get from being influenced by great people, same as in music. Every now and again something comes up musically that I want to emulate or try and get the same energy or copy the lick. It’s the same with painters.”

Glyn Washington, founder of Washington Green Fine Art, said: “Ronnie Wood has an outstanding artistic talent. His exhibition is testament to the enduring journey of a truly accomplished artist and so we are delighted to bring his breath-taking bodies of work to fans of the Stones and Ronnie himself, in what is proving to be a most exciting year for the group.

“Working from real-life on-stage photographs, Ronnie first creates a dramatic black backdrop before painting his fellow Stones with breathtaking clarity and realism, before working in acrylics, then oils and finally embellishing the art with oil pastels.”

Throughout his extensive career, art has remained Wood’s one constant and steadying influence, bringing enormous satisfaction. It has also earned him a legion of fans, including a host of celebrities, as well as critical claim from around the world. Commenting on his love of art, he said: “When I get inspired, I get almost possessed and I just have to paint. There is no kind of therapy like the one you have from starting and seeing a picture through to the end.”

Wood adds that unlike his band appearances his artwork is a purely solo performance: “In a secret sort of way, I like the people that I draw to see the way I’ve depicted them. Unlike music, it’s a solo effort. There’s no one else to blame.”

The launch took place at Castle Fine Art’s new flagship gallery, located on the prestigious Bruton Street in the heart of Mayfair.

Original paintings from the collection will be available for purchase through high street art gallery chain, Castle Galleries, as well as a small number of independent galleries. Each piece in Wood’s new collection will be available from £3,000 to £150,000.


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