Keith's on Planet Rock
25 June 2014

Keith will be talking about his favourite blues tracks and his love affair with the blues, for a radio special show airing on Planet Rock on Sunday 29 June.

Keith will play tracks from Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Reed, Otis Redding and Chuck Berry, “He’d left his guitar out in his dressing room and I’d just been sitting there and I just picked it up. “ Keith says.  “And he walks in, “nobody touches that”, bam!! But he didn’t know it was me. And then a few months later I get sort of these apologetic, “Keith I didn’t know it was you”. It don’t matter. Chuck, you did the right move, I wouldn’t let nobody touch mine either!”

Hear Keith Richards  on ‘My Planet Rocks’ with Liz Barnes, Sunday 29 June at 7pm and again 3 July at 8pm.


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