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“I said the joint was rocking,

Goin’ round and round,

Yeah, reeling and a rocking,

What a crazy sound.”

(Around and Around – Top Gear, 23 July 1964)

The Rolling Stones ‘On Air’ is out now! This album is packed full of previously unreleased rare gems from 60’s BBC radio recordings and transports you directly to where it all started for the Stones.

“Just take my way, that’s the highway, that’s the best.

Get your kicks on Route 66!”

(Route 66 – Blues in Rhythm, 9 May 1964)

This is the very beginning of The Glimmer Twins songwriting partnership, with an early performance of the iconic track ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’, in 1965.

“Come on, since I’ve been without you,

Come on, always thinking ‘bout you.”

(Come On – Saturday Club, 26 October 1963)

Available on a variety of formats, including a limited edition yellow vinyl, the deluxe version features 32 classics and covers, making this the perfect treat for yourself, or a Christmas gift any Stones fan would love!

“Well I told you once and I told you twice,

But ya never listen to my advice,

You don’t try very hard to please me,

With what you know it should be easy.”

(The Last Time – Top Gear, 6 March 1965)


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