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Special $85 tickets sold out immediately when they first went on sale. Now fans may have another opportunity to purchase a few additional seats at this price once production is loaded in and availability can be determined. To be part of the special opportunity register now! Be the first to know if these seats will be available for the show in your city. Notification will come the day of the show with sales on a first come basis.

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Which city would you like to receive notifications if $85 tickets become available on the day of the show? You may select up to three cities:

Los Angeles (May 3 & 20)
Oakland (May 5)
San Jose (May 8)
Las Vegas (May 11)
Anaheim (May 15 & 18)
Toronto (May 25 & June 6)
Chicago (May 28, 31 & June 3)
Montreal (June 9)
Boston (June 12 & 14)
Philadelphia (June 18 & 21)
Tickets will be sold as a pair only. Only one pair per valid I.D.
You will find out your seat location when you pick them up
the night of the show.

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