Born Brooklyn, NY, USA

Every time Lisa Fischer walks onstage to sing with the Rolling Stones, a flame of excitement dances around her. “The guys each have a different energy, like the difference between cayenne pepper and jalapeno… it’s all hot to me.” She’s home, she’s nervous, she’s ready for whatever happens next, and there’s nowhere else in the world she’d rather be.

In 2013, Lisa was featured in Morgan Neville’s Oscar-winning 2013 documentary Twenty Feet from Stardom, along with Merry Clayton, the original vocalist on ‘Gimme Shelter’. “I try to carry the energy of what sister Merry brought to the song every time I sing it. I never, ever feel fit to hold a candle to her… but I’m honored to sing the melody and lyrics that Mick and Keith weaved together so beautifully, such a testament to their timeless songwriting. The song is haunting and powerful.”

In the wake of the movie’s success, Lisa has been pushed toward center stage. Reviewing the film, the New York Times wrote, “Ms. Fischer has paradoxically emerged as a star partly because of her decision not to seek stardom.” Though she’s toured the world many times over as a featured singer with Tina Turner, Nine Inch Nails, Sting and her early mentor Luther Vandross, though she won a Grammy for her 1991 solo outing, Lisa’s never led her own band until now. During the Stones’ hiatus this year she’ll be traveling with the wonderful, creative musicians of Grand Baton, touring the club and festival circuit, putting a new spin on the tunes she’s helped infiltrate the collective unconscious of a generation or two. She’ll revisit songs she loves, and stir them around. Her set will feature a few ethno/funk/R&B/prog-jazz-rock renditions of her favorite Stones tunes as well. “I know all of the backgrounds by heart. It’s taking me a while to learn the rest of the words!”